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Travel Not to Escape, but to

Transform Your Life,
Connect Deeply, and
Live Playfully

I'm so glad you're here! Let me give you a little tour of all of the places you can go.

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Solo Travel Confidence Workbook

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Hi, I'm Geleen!

Geleen is a Solo Travel Confidence and Connection Coach who focuses on helping women achieve transformational personal growth through solo travel. She understands you because it was her in your shoes not too long ago. 

Traveling to nearly 40 countries mostly solo helped Geleen master the art of staying organized, problem solving, and planning. But more importantly, travel allowed her to rediscover her confidence and make meaningful connections all over the world. It helped her look inward, realize her strengths, and grow exponentially. 

Solo travel doesn’t have to be difficult or long to shape you. It’s the act itself and the empowerment you feel that change your life. You ready?





We aren't focused on standard itineraries or mediocre experiences.

This blog is all about using your travel adventure to connect more deeply and live more playfully. Get actionable tips to answer questions like "How do you make friends in X city?" or "What unique experiences can I do in X"?


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